About Us

ConexionCafe is a helpful one-stop shop for all your cyber needs. Step inside our unique, eclectic atmosphere and relax on our comfy chairs or barstools as you buckle down to get some work done. We're the perfect place to update your resume or do homework, focus on a project, or print and fax your papers. If you're in need of electronic repairs, our experts will have your gadgets running again in no time. No matter what you're working on, our friendly and locally-owned cafe is the perfect place to make a connection.


You can also chat with us if you have some questions about our services or just to say hi! 

Our Commitment

Here at ConexionCafe, we are your one stop solution to all your electrical gadgets. From laptops to tablets to cellphones, we repair it all. We work to make your experience with us unforgettable. That's why we offer everything you need to work efficiently -- you can walk in anytime and make use of our computers and printers. We also host events every now and then. Your best cyber cafe is just a visit away!